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4 Scholarships  - $2000 each (over 2 years) - Open to students currently studying or newly admitted to health-related University courses

AVHPA-NSW University Student Awards & Scholarship Program

Dear friends and esteemed colleagues,


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom - George Washington Carver

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela


Education is the one thing that we all agree upon and so it is once again my pleasure, on behalf of the Management Committee, to officially commence the search for candidates for the AVHPA-NSW University Student Awards & Scholarship Program for 2015/2016.


Can you please assist in forwarding this email to your family, friends, associates and related medical forum with hearty congratulations to those who have been successful in their university application (to their chosen field).


With sincere thanks and appreciation.


Kind regards,

Dr Anh P Lam

Dr Henry Vo

AVHPA-NSW Awards & Scholarship


AVHPA-NSW University Student Awards & Scholarship Program


Email application (form below) is now open to  30th April 2015 to . Follow by an interview on Saturday afternoons the following weeks.


Successful candidates will be notified and presented their awards at the AVHPA-NSW Scientific Conference in October 2015.




To provide financial assistance to students from NSW, in the pursuit of his/her study, in fulltime, undergraduate or post-graduate courses in health related fields, in a recognized Australian university.


Scholarship amount:


   Each student who has been successful in his/her application will be awarded $1,000 annually for 2 consecutive years.

   The award shall be paid annually in advance upon proof of successful completion each year with Credit or above.


Criteria for assessment:


   Australian citizen of Vietnamese ancestry

   Academic excellence and Strength of Character


How and when to apply:


   Written application is open from January to February each year (TBA).

   All applications to be emailed to


Suitable candidates will be interviewed (for up to 30 minutes).


Successful candidates will be announce and present with the award at the AVHPA-NSW annual ball.


Sponsors and naming rights:


   Any individual or company who sponsors the award of $2,000 will be granted the right to have his/her name or company name on the award certificate.

   The sponsors will present the award at the AVHPA-NSW annual ball.

   The sponsors will be thanked in a special message in the AVHPA-NSW magazine.

   In extremely special circumstances, AVHPA-NSW Management Committee reserves the right to refuse to accept the sponsor.


Panel of assessors:


. Chairperson/s of Awards subcommittee

. Office bearer representative of AVHPA-NSW (President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary)

. Another subcommittee member representative, ideally Young AVHPA-NSW.